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Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010) :-Review

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Review Percy Jackson 1 the Olympians: The Lightning Thief


Like any child, Percy Jackson also has issues with an abusive step-pad and malfunctioning house, in addition to having ADHD. When he realizes he is a half-god, and his biological father is Poseidon, the sea-god, then after Zeus has been stolen, he tries to prevent all-out warfare between the Olympians, and is framed.

It is the 21st century but, in the pages and lives of Percy Jackson high school student, the gods of Mount Olympus and several creatures have passed through Greek mythology book. And they are not pleased: Zeus has stolen a lightning bolt and Percy is the main suspect. The sudden loss of Percy’s mother is even more disturbing. When Percy finds himself trapped between angry and fighting gods, he and his friends embark on a quest through countries to capture the true flash thief, save Percy’s mother, and unlock a mystery more powerful than the gods themselves.

High school doesn’t form to be Percy Jackson’s great time. He feels most relaxed in swimming pools— away from schools, dyslexic and suffering from ADHD. He feels like he could think when he’s wet.

For his sleazy, scentless, beer-gurling stepdad, Gabe, Percy lives in New York. He fails to read, get along with his life at home. For a minute, though, forget about puberty. This is a cake in reference to the discovery of Percy. In reality, Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, is his long-time dad.

That’s why this girl is at the very bottom of the deep sill in 7 minutes!

Hollywood movie in hindi
Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters in hindi

One of the first things newborn semi-god Percy discovers is that the lightning bolt of his uncle Zeus was stolen. And he’s the main suspect, so he’s brutally attacked immediately.

Then, hideous Greek creatures are trying to kill Percy with their mates, Grover (a half-human half-goat satyr) and Annabeth, Athena’s daughter. Worse, the Uncle Hades, the god of the underworld— known as hell, was kidnappered by his son.

And we know we’ve got odd relatives.

Percy loves and tries to protect her mother and to demand respect for her by others. She really loves him, sacrificing a lot to help him and protect him. At first he can’t see this security, but grows to know it and love it even more.

Poseidon also loves and has been looking forward to Percy. But when Zeus forbade communication between gods and their offspring, he had to abandon his son as an infant. Will Poseidon stand up to Zeus and live anyway with Percy? Maybe. Perhaps so. And I’m hoping that nobody will read a license in the nostalgic moment where Percy’s father says he’s still looking for him — and only because it’s from a distance, does Percy not think it’s less essential.

Percy was a self-declared loser at the beginning. Yet disability, in a happy twist, is strength of half-gods and mythical creatures. For example, Grover’s crutches will distract people from his goat’s legs. In the wheelchair which hides his horse half, Mr. Brunner, Percy’s school teacher and a centurion chief, sits on a training camp for God’s children. Dyslexia simply means that Percy reads Greek in ancient times with difficulty. The ADHD is a sign of great intuition of suffering.

Percy is at first a self-reported loser. Yet disabilities are, in a joyful twist, semi-god potential and imaginary creatures. For example, Grover’s crutches are designed to distract people from his goat legs. In the wheelchair that hides his horse half lies Mr. Brunner, Percy’s school teacher and a century-old leader in an educational center for the children of gods. Dyslexia means that Percy actually has ancient Greek hardwired reading. Your ADHD is a sign of great instincts of war.In order to protect each other Grover, Annabeth, and Percy risk their lives.

The Olympians are the pantheon’s twelve Greek gods. When they go into battle, the “big three” — the brothers Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon — are constantly battling and sometimes roaring in the sea.Percy offers water power and calls its life-giving power from natural sources, water sources and the NYC rooftops. Water supplies power to Percy. When they are injured, he uses his power to cure himself and Annabeth. And he uses it to defeat enemies by spinning torrents.

Some gods talk about thoughts with their half-god children and give on – the-fly guidance. Medusa turns unconscious enemies with a look into stone statues. The lightning bolt of Zeus is considered the world’s most powerful weapon. Hades will transmute the fiery dragon from human form.In a hell which has a sign saying, “Wee to all depraved souls,” Percy, Grover and Annabeth are searching Hell. They are said to contain “scraps of human misery.” Tormented weeping from the dead is heard in the midst of the flames. Hades orders the hell hogs to boost Percy’s pose to the tormented “souls.” And when the bullied wife of Hades, Persephone works up the nerve to defy her violent god-husband, she cries, “What?

Hollywood is, by the way, the hell portal.



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