‘Morbius’ First Trailer: The Comic book vampire movie, Jared Leto Leaves Joker.


‘Morbius’ First Trailer: The Comic book vampire movie, Jared Leto Leaves Joker.

What a day for the Joker actors. A couple of hours after Joaquin Phoenix was nominated for Oscar for his new comic book “Morbius,”

which was the title of former Joker star Jared Leto, in Todd Phillips “Joker” (which this year tops all movies with 11 Academy Award nominations), Sony Pictures released the first trailer for his upcoming Comic Book “Morbius.”

The Marvel Comics stories of the same name was based on Morbius. A scientist who suffers from a rare blood disease, Michael Morbius’s Leto’s is trying to cure him by gaining the powers of a vampire. Adria Arjona, Matt Smith, Jared Harris and Tyrese Gibson are among the supporting casts. “Morbius” is Daniel Espinoza’s new directorial project, who last directed Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds in “Life” the space thriller.”Morbius” is a major step towards building a future for Sony’s comic book tentpoles. The success of the studio with Disney was blockbuster when it launched the “Spider-Man” film, which starred in Tom Holland (“Far From Home” last summer reached the world’s box office for a billion dolars), and it managed to find another hit in 2018 with the “Venom” of Tom Hardy. The tentpolis of Hardy was $856 million, and Andy Serkis is on his way.

Morbius will print in Sony Pictures nationally in theaters on July 31. The film will be one of the biggest cartoon tentpoles of the summer season along with Disney’s newest entry “Black Widow” into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


The second entry to Sony’s all-new film universe is to be Morbius after the 2018 adventure Venom, and the movie’s first trailer was scheduled to be released earlier this summer. It’s cool and everything, but have you seen the Marvel Spider Man Egg concealed in the footage? You’ll see a very friendly super hero in a stance that looks quite familiar, two minutes and four seconds after the trailer.This is a Spider-Man picture with the iconic Sam Raimi suit, but what is odd is that Peter Parker doesn’t have a role from the original three films. A modification of the official Spider-Man shot of Marvel appears to be being used for the trailer, as seen below.

The photo was clearly inverted, but that’s the same shot, isn’t it? Bill Rosemann, vice president and creative director at Marvel Games, tweeted on Twitter saying,’ Hmm… where did I see that sweet Spidey suit before…?’ This is also quite a cool little bit of node to Spider-Man’s Playstation 4 web-swing adventures.How did the new Morbius teaser think of you? Have you immediately caught Spider-Man PS4 egg? Switch to the following remarks.

The trailer to Sony’s Morbius on the eve of the Oscar nominations is something oddly funny. Although the teaser proudly says “Out of the studio that gave you Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far from Home and Venom, Sony does not get the confidence to announce that the Academy award-winning Spider-Man has took you to the Spider verse. The “living vampire” Jared Leto flick obviously represents Sony’s next chapter of the so-called “Spider verse,” in which both Marvel Spider-Man films, Into the Spider verse and Venom are now present.So if this was done by MCU or (nearly) the DC Films, it makes morbius the Captain America: the first woman of the Spider-Man film universe of Sony.Morbius is by Daniel Espinosa (Safe House) and Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless (Safe House, Life). The last witch, the amazing (fighting me) Gods of Egypt and the very good live power rangers movies were written or co-written. Whether anyone wants a Morbius film and if, as a title actor, Jared Leto is a plus to a minus for general moviegoers is possibly the (probably) 90 million dollar question.

Look, I would imagine that the general public doesn’t have a cachet “I know this guy and like him.” I don’t even know the handwraps over Leto, which include more over-stories of his time playing Joker in Suicide Squad.

If fans don’t care for Morbius films and don’t like Jared Leto playing Morbius, then in the next 7 months, even with loose connections to the MCU, there will be only so much Sony marketing department. That said, I fell out of the public’s appetite for even a decent (if refreshing) Venom film, which defied mixed-negative reviews to open up with $80 million, then bring it to a domestic $214 million. It then shrugged $269 million for a global cume of $854 million in China (a record for a single superhero film and still only second for the Aquaman film).So for a moment let me be positive. This positivity is rooted in Sony’s relative winning verse.


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