Holiday Rush (2019) – Review, Summary (with Spoilers)


Holiday Rush (2019) – Review, Summary (with Spoilers)

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First of all, Christmas is Jesus. Instead, get together with the family. But the majority of Christmas movies are now about stupid new boyfriends. Fully out of the spirit of Christmas. So, watching this film was a pleasant surprise. And seeing bad reviews was a bad surprise. How people think about family values now, I don’t understand. This is sad. It is sad. Much a shame.


Holiday Rush 2019 Storyline:

Single dad and radio DJ Rashon “Rush”Williams (Romany Malco) loses his job right when his four kids share their precious Christmas lists. His four entitled kids share their expensive Christmas lists. If his supplier and aunt plans to purchase another station to keep Rush on air in Pittsburgh–if the family of Williams can shrink quickly and accept a simpler life. A loving dad reconnects with his children in this warming film when they all know that true joy comes from who you have, not what you have. Netflix’s WrittenNetflix

Roxy and Rush had worked together a little more than five years, and made Rush a #1 morning DJ in New York City, real name Rashon, on their journeys. However, Rush faces unemployment thanks to a purchase and reorganization and four spoils children will not be loud for Christmas. Yet thankfully Roxy’s not the one for Rush to take a blow and be out. So she decides to buy the old station she used to work with Rush and his aunt Josephine.

But what film does a villain have without? In the event of Holiday Rush, that is the case of Ms Jocelyn Hawkins of the new owner of the company, Camfort Communications. Not because it’s intimate, you know, but simply because it’s business.Let me tell you how good chemistry lies between Martin-Green and Malco, they probably might have ended up with friends and you would be just as happy to have a friendship with them. Because there’s this feeling, unlike many movies, which in Holiday Rush felt real when he said they were friends before something else. Because there is something about their chemistry that makes you want to search IMDB for a first time that Malco and Martin-Green never collaborated before because things seemed too normal.

He tried to overcompensate because of his wife, Paula, who died. Not to spend longer with his children but to buy toys for them. And you could spin things by making many of them bratty. Take note that, if you not only attempt to, Mya may be spoiled; you recognize however, that she is privileged–in good way also–because of the respect she commands and her capacity to negotiate.

He also knows his mother Paula with Rush’s oldest Jamal, and unlike his parents, has come up with Rush, and this comes with a whole different view. And, naturally, Rush’s ascension and fall would leave him a bit confused in the head.

Some stuff aren’t written, but are coded. Take Joss and how her subordinates are treated. In the plantation vibe, this is practically the overseer around her and Marshall, Roxy’s old boss, is the yesum who does not suffer. But since Rush seems to be doing it without CamCom and has the capacity to flourish, you can see her humbled and realize that whatever she does, it is all she needs to fail.So Marshall knows that things are precarious, even if his job is with a large number of Black people, and that his job is safe. He may not be good at his work, but he’s costly. And that’s all the more important if you’re Black and you’re really good to the degree that some people sell out their own to save their necks. Not because it’s personal, but because they know that even if you’ve had a degree and experience, that’s difficult. So add a Black man? So add? One such as Marshall, who’s not the best at code switching? This is dangerous. This is dangerous.

Bringing all of this together, it’s just as dark that you have to enjoy Holiday Rush. This film presents itself as something which is for all but leans and winks at the public to let them know “This is for us.” From Roxy’s protective style to Mya’s headwrap, from music to what Rush speaks.Holiday Rush feels like the film you like, but next year it will forget. He leads you by saying, “When have I looked at that as you scroll through Netflix?”After that,” Oh, this I recall! It’s good enough, I say, but it’s by no means exemplary. It is something to look at since, unless you’ve got OWN or want to relook classics there are not many new Black holiday movies this year.

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