Dev Movie Review


Dev Movie Review


Cast:  Karthi, Rakul Preet Singh, Prakash Raj

Director: Rajath Ravishankar


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Dev moving-picture show Review: The word journey gets bandied a few ton in Rajath Ravishankar’s Dev.  Not even the items that a 28-year-old would possibly worry regarding. Like mundane things like career, you know. But then, he will afford to be one, for his father Ramalingam (Prakash Raj) looks to be a man of means. a minimum of from no matter very little that we have a tendency to get to visualize of him within the film’s over two-and-a-half-hour run time. So, is Dev AN journey film? Not very. There area unit some of journeys ANd an Everest-climbing scene, though. Is it a romantic film? No. albeit abundant of it revolves round the romance between Dev and (Meghna), WHO he decides to fall soft on with once seeing her pic on Facebook.


A relationship drama? Nope, despite there being a family. will that mean it’s AN action film? Well, not at all, albeit the trailer had some stunts. If you would like to explain the film somehow, you’ll okay act and decision it a mischance. For that’s what it’s, from begin to complete. It is a movie wherever nothing abundant happens albeit the scenes offer you a control of one thing happening all the time. it’s a movie wherever there area unit one or two of characters, however doesn’t provide them any purpose some. it’s a movie with actors like Prakash dominion and Ramya Krishnan, however it treats them like props. it’s a movie with quite few songs (by Harris Jayaraj), however none that register.


it’s a movie with picturesque locations, however with not one visually exciting shot. It’s a movie that lets its characters sport fashionable costumes and sensible makeup, however doesn’t provide them any temperament. it’s a movie with plenty of dialogues, however doesn’t provide America one unforgettable line. it’s a feel-good film, however it resorts to symptom – and killing – very little ladies only for the sake of some factory-made drama. it’s a movie that has Rakul Preet Singh as its heroine, however causes you to need to not mention this truth the least bit. it’s a movie prima Karthi, however offers RJ Vignesh way more screen time. it’s a movie that wishes you to return to the theatre, however causes you to want you’ll run towards the exit even before it’s intermission.

Plus Points:


Karthi appearance super sharp in his fashionable arise. His hairstyle and charming temperament ar brought on screen during a beautiful manner. Performance wise, he’s excellent and did an excellent job during this film. Rakul gets a meaty role within the film and dominates Karthi in most of the scenes. She shares a sizzling chemistry with Karthi Associate in Nursingd may be a excellent match as a chic businessperson with an idealistic perspective. The guy United Nations agency did the role of Karthi’s friend was with reference to okay. remainder of the star forged didn’t have abundant to try and do within the film.


Minus Points:


One of the largest drawbacks of the film is that the film has completely no story the least bit. there’s no conflicting purpose for the complete half apart from scenes that includes Karthi and his friends urging him to fall loving ar showcased during a boring manner. The director takes for ever to bring love between the lead combine and also the basic conflict is brought solely within the pre climax. The romance is boring, the build up to the plot is contrary and zilch works within the film. Upon this, there’s no feeling within the film the least bit. The therefore referred to as family and romantic emotions look forced and don’t generate any interest. Pace of the film is slow and mundane that you simply want walking faraway from the theatre many an time throughout the screening.




On the total, Dev could be a unsatisfying romantic drama that fails to click. it’s laborious to grasp however Karthi even united to the current project that lacks the essential soul. The story is weak, conflict is missing and there’s no flow within the proceedings. aside from Rakul and Karthi’s chemistry, this film has nothing going its approach. So, watch it at your own risk.



Official Movie Poster
Directed by Rajath Ravishankar
Produced by S. Lakshman Kumar
Written by Rajath Ravishankar
Starring Karthi
Rakul Preet Singh
Prakash Raj
Ramya Krishnan
RJ Vigneshkanth
Music by Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography R. Velraj
Edited by Ruben
Prince Pictures
Distributed by Reliance Entertainment
Murali Cine Arts (Tamil Nadu)
Release date
13 February 2019
14 February 2019
Running time
139 minutes (2 hours and 19 minutes)
Country India
Language Tamil
Budget ₹55 crore

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